Profile of Honorable Seklau E. Wiles

    Honorable Seklau E. Wiles,
Minister of Agriculture
    Honorable Seklau E. Wiles, Minister of Agriculture Photo credit: MOA

    The Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Seklau E. Wiles is married to Dr. Walter T. Wiles and the Union is blessed with three Children; Matsue, Walter, Jr and Ameth. Minister Wiles is a 1974 graduate of University, with is Bachelor degree in General Agriculture and Masters in Beef Cattle Breeding from Texas A&M University, USA, 1978.  The Honorable Minister public service started in 1974, when she served as Research Officer and Head, Beef Cattle and Small Ruminant Research, Central Agricultural Research Institute, Suakoko, Liberia. Which makes her no stranger to the Field of Agriculture. From 2010 to 2017, Minster Wiles have served in serval positions at the Ministry of Agriculture, Coordinator for the National Livestock Bureau, Deputy Minister for Administration, Deputy Minister for Technical Services.

    The Minister of also has passion for teaching; she served as Instructor, Poultry Production.  Rural Development Institute, Cuttington University College, Suakoko, Liberia and served as Research Associate, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, Department of Dairy Science.

     Recent Accomplishments

    •           Co-authored a lessons manual on geospatial health (in press)

    •           Contributed to this effort.

    Smith P.H., Wiles S.E., Malone J.B. Jr., Monahan, C.M. 2007.  Collection, Preservation, and Diagnostic Methods.  In: Flynn’s Parasites of Laboratory Animals.  Baker DG (Editor-in-Chief).  2nd Edition. Blackwell Publishing, Ames, Iowa, pp.1-14.



    • Wiles SE, Ravindran SS.  Small Farmer’s Guide to Swine Production in Liberia.  Central Agricultural Research Institute, 1987.
    • Stewart TB, Fox MC, and Wiles SE.  Doramectin efficacy against the kidney worm, Stephanurus dentatus in sows.  Vet Parasitol. 66:95-99, 1996.
    • Stewart TB, Fox MC, and Wiles SE.  Doramectin efficacy against gastrointestinal nematodes in pigs. Vet Parasitol. 66:101-108, 1996.


    Honors and Awards

    •  United Nations Development Program/Food and Agriculture Organization Study Tour, University of Florida, Cornell University and Center for International Agriculture in the Tropics (CIAT) Columbia, 1980.

    •         Republic of Liberia, Graduate Scholarship, 1977-1978.

    •         University of Liberia, Academic Scholarship, 1971-1974.

    •         University of Liberia, Highest Performance in Soil Science Award, 1973.                   

    •         University of Liberia, Freshman Agriculture Award, 1971.


    Professional Affiliations:

    •         International Livestock Center for Africa, Animal Traction Network.

    •         American Society of Animal Science.

    •         Editorial Committee, Central Agricultural Research Institute Newsletter.

    •         Southern University - Louisiana State University Association of Women in International Development,                Founding Member.


    Community Service:

    •         Secretary, Epiphany Chapel Episcopal Church Women (ECW) Liberia, (1989-1990.)

    •         Member, Woman Auxiliary, Phebe Hospital and School of Nursing, 1979-1982.

    •         Treasurer, Liberian Organization of Louisiana (1997-1999)