New Price Structure for Cocoa
Wednesday, 9th December 2009

Mr. Gibson M. Tulay – Registrar-General, CDA
Mr. Gibson M. Tulay – Registrar-General, CDA
Photo Credit: MOA

Three government agencies have announced provisional prices and standards of cocoa for this year’s farming season.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperative Development Agency (CDA) and the Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC) have set up indicative prices for the various grades of cocoa in keeping with World Market prices


The three agencies announced here today that farm gate price for Grade One cocoa is one dollar and seventy cents (US$1.70) per kilogram and eight (8) cents transportation refund per kilo of cocoa.  


Accordingly, 10 percent of the total farm gate price will be charged as buying commission for produce delivered to exporters at the Freeport of Monrovia.


The price for Grade Two cocoa beans is one dollar and forty five cents, while Grade Three cocoa or Fair Average Quality (FAQ) is one dollar and twenty eight cents (US$1.28), and the 8 cents transportation refund applies to both grade levels. 


The decision to set standards as well as prices for local commodities especially cocoa stemmed from several consultative meetings between representatives of farmers’ organizations and cooperative societies, exporters, development partners and agriculture-related NGOs particularly those in tree crops production and management with a view to assist cocoa farmers earn realistic incomes for their produce.


According to Mr. Gibson Tulay, Director-General of CDA and Mr. Nyah Mantein, Managing Director of LPMC, this is the first time in Liberia for major stakeholders to come together to deliberate on cocoa prices.


“It is anticipated that in the nearest future other commodities such as coffee, kola nuts as well as food crops will be included in this process”, they said.


“Beyond setting prices, we are also aiming at setting-up standards for quality produce in order to attract the export markets”, both Messrs. Tulay an Mantein disclosed.


They furthered that efforts are being made to obtain higher prices for agricultural commodities in line with sub-regional partners as a means of providing better incentives to Liberian farmers and food producers.


To achieve this goal, Messrs. Tulay and Mantein said would require greater attention and support for the improvement in cash and food crops production, processing, storage as well as marketing facilities.


In the meantime, the CDA and LPMC are calling on Government and partners to subsidize farmers cooperative societies and organizations so that the goal in enhancing the achievements and sustaining the aims and objectives of the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) can be realized.


In compliant with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s interest to adequately inform farmers on commodity prices, processing and marketing, CDA, LPMC and its partners, especially the Sustainable Tree Crops Program (STCP) will design user friendly messages that will be disseminated through community radio stations, print media, visual aid materials and community forums, among other communication channels.


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