The AgriBusiness Portal is a web information repository and database designed to help organize, support, and develop selected value chains through private sector engagement in agriculture in Liberia.

The web portal stores and presents relevant information to all stakeholders – government, agribusiness owners, farmers, service providers, financiers, and investors, in an efficient and easy-to-use format. The portal provides the platform to capture agribusiness details and to presents the scope of agriculture and agribusiness in Liberia.

The portal is a content management system (CMS) with a robust database backend to store and process a wide variety of system systems of information on agribusinesses. The portal will have featured sections to present complied information from each of the following strategic areas – Agribusiness Development, Marketing & Communications, and Resources identified by MoA.

The function of adding new Business Development programs, services, or training will be managed by a Program Administration, which can be assigned to the Administrator, as detailed in the “Program Administrator Account” section.

Agribusiness details are captured via forms and/or file upload. Businesses are encouraged to provide as much information as possible and regularly visit the website for updates and upcoming programs and announcements across the sector and from the Ministry of Agriculture.

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