Mandate & Mission

The mandate to develop the agriculture sector calls for putting in place an effective organizational structure and manned by staff capable of planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating agricultural development programs. It also ensures that its staff and the farmers are trained to cope with the challenges of developing the agriculture sector.

In addition, MOA ensures that agricultural challenges that impede production are investigated and lasting solutions found, and the farmers are provided with the supportive services and the enabling environment to produce.

The core general areas of responsibility of MOA will likely continue to consist of: agriculture, both smallholder and commercial; plantation crops; fisheries; and livestock.

The Ministry’s major activities are coordinated through the following four (4) departments; Administration, Planning and Development, Regional Development and Extension and Technical Services, each having units and divisions.

Our Vision, Mission and Operating Principles


A Self-sufficient, Self-reliant and Sustainable Agricultural Sector by the year 2020″


“We believe that a sustainable and decentralized agricultural system is key to poverty reduction. Our mission is to create an enabling environment for a more dynamic and vibrant agricultural sector to ensure sustainable food security and employment opportunities for all Liberians”


Excellence and professionalism:  We shall strive to achieve the highest standards in service delivery and shall actively explore opportunities to improve on those standards. We shall also ensure that performance management, as a service delivery culture, will be integrated into all our operations.

Commitment:  We commit ourselves to be an effective agent of agricultural transformation and, therefore, will embrace a culture of customer service. The farmer, service providers and all our stakeholders will be central to our operations

Diligence and Courtesy:  We shall be at our places of work during official hours of duty and shall diligently devote ourselves wholly to our work.  We shall treat all our valued clients and colleagues with courtesy.

Integrity:  We shall uphold high moral integrity in the provision of our services.  To this effect, we shall refrain from seeking, offering or accepting favors or inducements, financial or otherwise, in the course of discharging our duties.  We shall not use public property or official time to fulfill private needs; and we shall not use information acquired in the course of official duties to gain personal advantage.

Gender Equity:  Taking cognizance of the key role of women in production and marketing of agricultural products, we shall endeavor to promote gender sensitive practices and culture within our staff and the wider agricultural stakeholders.

Partnership-Building:  We will promote and embrace partnerships and participatory processes in policy formulation and implementation of our activities.  Active participation of our stakeholders, especially the private sector and grassroots communities, will enhance ownership of programs and projects.

Accountability and Transparency: We shall be accountable and transparent to the Government and to the people we serve.

Efficiency and Responsiveness:  We will serve our clientele in an efficient manner, ensuring that all requests are dealt with as promptly as possible.