Human Resources

The Human Resource Division Perform Human Resource functions relating to staff recruitment, placement, career development, promotion, training, job classification, salary administration, staff relations and other areas of Human Resource. It also supervises controls, conducts, coordinate employees’ training, prepare terms of references for MOA staffs and monitors staff performance & attendance at the Ministry of Agriculture.  It also oversees all social and employees’ welfare programs and activities; carries out job analysis,  formulates and interprets personnel policy; arranges transfers of staff, advertises vacancies, interviews and tests applicants, selects most suitable candidates and settles terms of employment or submit personnel listing to the Civil Service Agency and Ministry of Finance Planning and Development ; organizes and administers staff consultation and grievance procedures; negotiates settlement of appeals and complaints; constructs and reviews salary scales; plans and administers career development schemes; provides advice and counseling to staff members; assists in planning and organization of staff services, such as pension schemes and other welfare provisions; controls maintenance of personnel records; and organizes staff recreation activities etc.


Director: Mrs. Maryan Blidi