Regional Development, Research and Extension

The Department of Regional Development, Research and Extension (DRDRE) exercises oversight of regional development in agricultural production, research in socio-economic programs and extension delivery services within the framework of the demand-driven farmer-based extension system. The department is technically the operative arm of the Ministry of Agriculture with the core function of delivering agricultural extension services to farmer in order to empower farmers and improve their productivity, income and employment potentials.

The Department evolves this function in the context of assembling and disseminating information, knowledge and technologies to farmers on the technical, managerial, marketing and organizational aspects. To in order to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of agriculture services to farmers and to enforce policies at the county and district levels, the Ministry of Agriculture decentralized it structure in the 15 counties with the establishment of county agricultural offices which mirror that of the Ministry headquarter and provide support for agricultural development endeavors in these counties. Sub-agricultural offices are to be established at the district levels to affect direct operational links with farmers at the village level and all farm households.

This department is headed by a Deputy Minister. The assistant Minister is next in command.