Office of the Minister

The Minister heads the Ministry and is currently assisted by four Deputy Ministers and their respective Assistant Ministers. The Minister takes full responsibility of the execution of the Ministry’s mandate and reports to the Chief Executive and President of the country. The Minister’s office also has direct supervisory role over the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI), Internal Audit and the Bureau of National Fisheries.

In general, the office:

  • Oversees and coordinates activities of each of the Departments of the Ministry;
  • Keeps abreast of potentially available international donor assistance;
  • Investigates and follows up on offers of international assistance that are consistent with development needs;
  • Handles necessary details relating to negotiations and agreements in connection with assistance from external sources;
  • Coordinates the activities of and provides assistance to foreign consultants and advisors working with the Ministry;
  • Coordinates international travel and arranges for appropriate dissemination of information from resulting reports.

Biographical Brief on the Minister