Grand Agriculture and Market Linkage Fair IN Buchanan City
Some farmers at the fair.

Grand Agriculture and Market Linkage Fair Bridges Farmers to Buyers

Buchanan City was abuzz with agricultural enthusiasm as over 250 farmers from Grand Bassa and Rivercess counties converged for a one-day Agriculture and Market Linkage Fair. Hosted by Concern Worldwide Liberia, the event marked a significant stride in fostering connections between farmers and various stakeholders across the agricultural value chain.

The sprawling fair aimed to establish vital market links with buyers and stakeholders at every level, from local districts to national platforms. Its overarching objective was to bolster farmers' access to markets and agro-dealers, recognizing their pivotal role in curbing food wastage caused by limited sales avenues.

Praising the initiative, Hedd Williams, Deputy Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Agriculture, commended Concern Worldwide for galvanizing the agricultural community. Minister Williams, in a strong show of support, emphasized the indispensable role of local farmers in propelling the sector towards sustainability and growth. 

He reiterated the government's unwavering commitment to fortifying the agricultural domain, urging farmers to prioritize food production self-sufficiency for nutritional and economic gains.

Minister Williams mentioned the government's visionary plan to transition from conventional farming methods to mechanized agriculture, a cornerstone of the proposed six-year National Agriculture Development Plan (NADP). 

This strategic shift not only underscores the government's resolve but also instills hope for a more sustainable and efficient future for the agricultural sector.

The event's success was evident as participants, including a significant representation of women, proudly showcased diverse agricultural produce. The fair, a testament to the region's agricultural richness, featured a variety of luscious fruits like bananas, oranges, and pineapples, crisp vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce, and staple grains like rice and maize.

More than just a display, the fair facilitated tangible outcomes for the farmers, with many securing direct contracts with local eateries and hospitality establishments. Others forged promising partnerships with regional distributors, marking a tangible step towards expanding their market reach.

The Agriculture and Market Linkage Fair is a beacon of hope for farmers, offering a platform for showcasing their harvest and a gateway to sustainable livelihoods and prosperous futures. As the government and organizations like Concern Worldwide continue to champion agricultural development, the path to a vibrant and resilient agricultural sector becomes increasingly attainable for all.

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