Extension officers posed with Hon. Minister, Dr. J Alexander Nuetah before departure for China

Twenty Young Liberian Extension Officers Get Specialized Training in China

[Monrovia, Liberia – June 19, 2024]—In a significant development towards enhancing Liberia's agricultural sector, 20 young Liberian extension officers have left the country to undergo a transformative training program at the Agricultural Technology and Management Seminar on Liberia in Beijing, China. The three-week training, to begin on June 20, 2024, is a testament to the collaboration between the Liberian government and its Chinese partners, and it holds the promise of significantly boosting agricultural productivity and fostering sustainable development in Liberia.

The training program, a result of negotiations by the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. J. Alexander Nuetah, in February of this year, is a pioneering initiative that has the potential to reshape Liberia’s agricultural landscape. This program, which will take the participants, seven of whom are females, to several renowned research facilities in China, is a unique opportunity to equip them with specialized knowledge and skills in cutting-edge agricultural technologies, advanced farming practices, and effective management strategies. Through hands-on training, theoretical coursework, and exposure to innovative agricultural techniques, the participants will gain invaluable expertise to apply as extension officers in Liberia, paving the way to a new era of farming excellence.

Announcing the program, Dr. Nuetah expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese government for allowing young Liberians to study in China, describing the training as a specialized and tailored program for Liberia. He underscored its significance and expressed the government's confidence in the participants. “Agriculture is the bedrock of this government’s development agenda, so all of us who are associated with agriculture must take it seriously. Go forth as ambassadors and advocate for our country, making agriculture a priority and ensuring that we achieve food self-sufficiency. Agriculture has to be done differently in this country, and we depend on you, our extension officers, to set that pace,” the Agriculture Minister stated.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, Abass Mark Biaty, a master’s degree holder in agriculture involved in intense extension work in the field, praised the transparency of the vetting process of qualified young Liberians and commended Dr. Nuetah for prioritizing young people. “Having young people as your front liners charts a new course of doing things in Liberia. We can assure you that the resources put into this program will yield the necessary results,” he remarked.

For her part, Nounou Sharty, a 2023 female graduate from the College of Agriculture College at the University of Liberia, was thankful that young people had been considered for the training.  “We are very grateful for this opportunity, and I can assure you that upon our return, we will wear the same trousers as the men get into swamps to change Liberia’s narrative," she declared.

The Ministry of Agriculture highly appreciates the Government of the People's Republic of China's generosity and goodwill in extending this transformative training opportunity for young Liberians. This initiative is a testament to the government's unwavering commitment to the welfare and prosperity of its people. We deeply value this partnership and the opportunities it brings for our agricultural sector.